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GTA V Release Date Revealed?

GTA V Release Date Revealed?WHEN WILL IT BE OUT?


Michael Pachter (industry analyst): “[I think Rockstar] really need to get their act together. Using the same engine, and they will have been in development five years at year-end.

I think they would like to launch 23 October, its preferred launch window, but maybe they will avoid Call Of Duty and slip to next year. May 2013 would be an inexcusably long development cycle, but anything is possible with the Rockstar team.”

Chris Phillips (founder of “I’m happy to wait longer if it means a better game in the end. My initial thinking was that Rockstar would revert back to the October release cycle, so October 2012. A date before this may be possible but not likely in my opinion. If not October, I think April/May 2013 would be a safe bet.”

Richard Wilson (CEO, TIGA): “I expect GTA V to be released in 2012 and to be a huge success. GTA IV and Call Of Duty have set high barriers in terms of sales and quality. The team behind GTA are extraordinarily talented, though, so we can expect records to be broken!”

Official Microsoft representative: “I’m afraid we can’t comment. With the game being so early in development and many aspects having not been discussed yet, it feels like it would be speculative at best.”

Andy McIlwain (founder of “We think they revealed the trailer earlier than they normally would have for the benefit of Max Payne 3. There’s still been no hint of when the first GTA V preview will arrive. Once we know that, add six months and that will be our release date.

GTA V Release Date Revealed?

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  • D

    If you can get them here without using bait like this you might be worth something

  • bromtomley

    I hate all this stuff. Just wait until they say! Christ, so called experts predicting releases take up half of the games related websites.
    You may as well ask my Nan for all the facts they have.

  • zo215

    I W

  • zo215

    I Want Rockstar To Release Same Day As Black Ops 2 But This Game Has To Be Solid

  • Zo215

    I Want Rock star To Release The Same Day As Black ops 2 But this Game Has To Be Solid

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  • efex 172

    Oh dear are we still on about GTA V ?

    Ok Watch Dogs has taken just over 3 years and may be a very close comparison to GTA V may even steal GTA V`s thunder so hopefully Take Two (millions of debt apparently) will get to worried about the Watch Dogs threat and release GTA V sooner than later…. I mean have you seen the Watch Dogs demo trailer….the trees `cough` move….

  • kent

    Quando esce GTA 5 ?
    Esiste o no GTA 5 ?
    Se esiste dov’è ?
    Lo avete sviluppato ? si o no ?
    Dateci una maledetta DATA UFFICIALE!!!UFFICIALE!!!
    E non mettette un trailer prima di 5 Anni
    Fateci vedere almeno un nuovo trailer!

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  • Slamman

    I say the trailer was something, that’s for sure, but it’s brought out to compete attention with competitor Saints Row 3, also, delays are presumed since it’s taken this long with back peddling about the further release of details “A couple of weeks” has gone beyond a month by now! With regard to Watch Dogs, it’s OK to buy two or more great games, GTA can still survive in the market

  • Andy @ GTANet

    Hey there, just some clarification – I’m not the founder of, I’m just an administrator with the site, who happens to be more open with the public than the rest of our team. :) At this point, if the information doesn’t come from Rockstar, it’s purely speculation. We can take educated guesses, but that’s it.

  • Corazon Lumpp

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