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Next-Gen Tech And The Xbox’s Sci-Fi Future

Next-Gen Tech And The Xbox's Sci-Fi FutureThe Xbox brand is rapidly escaping from the confines of its plastic box, and not just in one direction either.

Right now, you can play Skulls Of The Shogun on your Windows Phone, your Microsoft Surface Tablet and on your Xbox 360.

The significant part of that is each can play multiplayer with the other; they are all a part of the same family, the same zoo.

This, people, is where the future of Xbox lies.

The future is Xbox Live and it’s set to come at you from every device you own…

Next-Gen Tech: Surface

Microsoft envisions a world where tablet and console are not at odds with one another (not that we think they ever were), but one in which they harmonise together.

A recent rumour even suggests that Microsoft may be considering launching an Xbox 360-capable table called the X-Surface.

Firstly, this may or may not be true. Secondly, we want one.

Next-Gen Tech And The Xbox's Sci-Fi FutureMovie: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Quite amazing when you think about it, but yes; in 1968, Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick predicted not only tablet computers scarily similar to those we have now, but also that they would be connected to a larger, more capable local computer system.


Next-Gen Tech: SmartGlass

Certainly, Microsoft would prefer you experience SmartGlass integration from your spanky new Surface tablet (or X-Surface), but Microsoft is not Nintendo and it’s not Sony.

Microsoft knows that if you truly love something, you should set it free, and so SmartGlass allows you to use any Android, iOS or Windows phone or tablet.

And you have to kind of love Microsoft back for that one. Group hug?

Movie: Real Steel

You know that bit, right, where they’re controlling that big robot, right?

You know, and it gets a personality and does all cute things and stuff, right? Well, check it out – they’re using SmartGlass.

Next-Gen Tech And The Xbox's Sci-Fi FutureOr something that looks a bit like it.

This film is also notable for containing the world’s first ever ad for Xbox 720. Check that out too.

Next-Gen Tech: Windows Phone

There’s a new generation of smartphone out there, people. It’s powerful.

We mean gaming powerful, and while phones and tables will never be able to compete with the console experience (since any power gains in a mobile device are reflected by similar gains in devices without mobile’s restrictions).

Soon we will all be playing some games on our Xbox 360 or Xbox Whateverthehell’scomingnext and continuing to play them on the bus.


Movie: Star Trek

We’re talking right the way back to the original series, before they changed their communicators over to badges.

Here we are in the future and we’re still not talking into badges, so there’s room yet for improvement.

Next-Gen Tech: Kinect Gesture

Okay, okay; Kinect hasn’t really worked out how we would all rather it had.

Menus can be a painful back and forth as your Xbox 360 tries to determine what that last hand-gesture was.

Were you shining it on, or were you looking to move to the next menu screen? In the fantasy future of our Xbox device zoo, however, waving at your Xbox is far more efficient than pressing a button.

You never know; soon that might actually be true.

Next-Gen Tech And The Xbox's Sci-Fi FutureMovie: Minority Report

Yeah, when Tom Cruise did all that manifulating of future events, looking in on people and determining future murderers.

He did it on gesture-reading technology, which we have (Kinect). On a see-through screen, which crop up at CES every year now.

With a special glove (Nintendo’s Power Glove). Fed by thoughts of people who can predict the future.

We’re looking at you, Pachter. Shut up and get in that floatation tank.

Next-Gen Tech: Kinect Voice

What Kinect can do well is know who you are. Not only that, there is a potential here for it to learn your speech patterns. Kinect voice is by far its best feature and is why it makes it into our Xbox Live-focused sci-fi living room.

Sit down, talk to Xbox, tell it about your day, ask it to recommend something. Your Xbox will take care of you. It will report unusual behaviour to the proper authorities.

It will eject you into space via the pod bay doors.

Movie: Moon

Just like in Moon, the things you say are listened to and things are done as a result. Unlike in Moon, Kinect is isn’t likely to a) Talk back to you, b) Sound like Kevin Spacey.