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Gran Turismo 5: It’s all been done before…only better!

Gran Turismo 5: It’s all been done before…only better!

Headlight flashing and windscreen wipers. Two of the upcoming ‘new features’ within glorified virtual showroom Gran Turismo 5 [what!?!?]. For gamers schooled in the age of thrilling racer innovation, from Kudos incentives through a full day/night cycle to Ridge Racer Type 4’s charming narrative, it’s difficult to become thrilled at the prospect of many of its so-called USPs.

Simply put, Gran Turismo 5 offers nothing this generation hasn’t already provided, leading us to look back with rose-tinted glasses upon the likes of Auto Modellista, which at least thrilled us with a cel-shaded polygon or two before boring us rigid. Still, in the interests of science, let’s take the list in order, eh?

First up, realistic damage. Considering the fine-toothed comb with which the title’s camera picks over accidents, little could topple Burnout Paradise from its lofty perch. After all, a title that models collisions based upon whether a vehicle’s ‘premium’ or not (whatever that means) can hardly separate wing mirror from chassis by a distance of a few hundred yards or more.

Secondly, weather. Since when has this been a reason to purchase a videogame? Unless tornadoes can spontaneously sprout up, allowing gamers to gently guide their vehicle through the air to its destination, this is hardly thrilling territory. Besides, what of DiRT 2’s caked earth, liberally smudging itself across gamers’ windscreens, and the futile attempts to remove it. Yeah, take that, headline windscreen wiper feature!

Gran Turismo 5: It’s all been done before…only better!
For ‘dynamic skidmarks’ too, why not consider the broadly ignored current-gen version of Sega Rally, drenched in surfaces so malleable they appeared as fresh snow? If it’s customised tracks you require, there’s always ModNation racers. As for the series’ covetous collection of expensive vehicles, well, everybody does that now.

We’re sure Gran Turismo 5 will offer technologically sound, generally beautiful driving – and perhaps there’s no real point to this unquestionable rant – but in a genre containing Blur, Split/Second: Velocity and even Need For Speed: Most Wanted, it’s sad to see realistic racers not holding up their end of the innovative bargain. Well, at least the Top Gear track’s in it…

  • LastDance

    I feel sorry for you.

  • saloon

    hahaha! that very funny… oh wait you were serious? HAHAHA! makes it even funnier

  • ForzaCircleJerk

    Why not write about games on the 360 instead of the competing console? Something like “Halo 3, it’s been done before, but it’s the only game that sell on the 360 so why stop”.

  • Raitzi

    360 magazine panicing on GT5 release :D Maybe you should concentrate on writing about 360 games and not about fanboy BS about games on other systems.

  • ManFurismoJive

    You now what’s funny?

    This guy has to mention 9 damn games to compare what’s in Gran Turismo 5.

    And still they don’t have the features of The Real Driving Simulator.

  • calango31

    Looks like someone doesn’t have a PS3 to play the second best racing game ever (after Top Gear 2, of course).

  • ev0X

    Why don’t you tell me, what game has all of this, instead of taking a bunch of games that together perhaps equals GT5. Cause thats just stupid.

    It’s like comparing sleeping with Jessica Alba with sleeping with 5 different less attractive chicks, because one of them had a nice face, the other had p. perfect legs, the other had a p. perfect body and so on.

    So that means you slept with Jessica ? No. Sorry man.

    This article is :facepalm:

  • Bajonga

    I know how you feel Dave Shaw, it hurts so much that we can’t get GT5 so we Xbox dudes need to make out it’s not a big deal so that we can forget it and just pretend that other racing games are better, well when you put 10 games together then they can compete with GT5, sigh but even then it just wont be right.

  • Bob

    Why hate on this game so much? It is going to be an amazing game, and just because it is not going out on xbox, not reason to be all cynical and start writing articles on how “it’s all been done before” . I mean, you do have Forza…

  • Rumface

    I guess you’re right. I can think of so many other racing games that have over 1000 cars, car customization, Dynamic weather/day night cycles including fworking headlights, working wipers and motorised parts, damage and realistic physics simulation for up to 12 cars on track. I think you are wrong after thinking about it. No game has all of those things and runs in 1080p at 60fps. Maybe you should read your article again and realise you compared more than just one feature of Granturismo 5 to many other games.

  • G

    wow… I think we may have to put the writer of this article on suicide watch next week. with the sound of it he could very well off himself when GT5 goes on sale.

    so sad dude. so very sad.

  • JZZ30man

    Feeling threatened by Sony’s next big title, are we Microsoft boy?

    You article consists of childish nitpicking. No racing game has visuals or physics that are even close to being on par with GT5. Deal with it…. or cry some more. Your call.

  • MrWitters

    “Gran Turismo 5 offers nothing this generation hasn’t already provided”


    Which of those games has Kart racing? Name me a game that DOES have kart racing in this generation. Realistic Physics, too. None of this ModNation baloni.

    Or maybe, which games have had the Nurburgring 24hr track (GP and Nordschleife)?

    Perhaps games of this ‘generation’ all have a quality track creator within, that’d make up for the rest. Wait wait, they probably don’t.

    I’m not going to get into the whole online aspect of the game.

    Did you even do any reading on GT5 before you wrote this article?

    Next time you want to bash another game, get your facts straight.

    PS If this site if looking for any more poor writers, let me know!

  • evrydaynrmlguy

    Way to compare the content of 5 different games to gran turismo. Why not list all the other features it has and list games one by one at a time that has them. You just proved yourself wrong by doing that. The fact is that this is the only game that’s does….like playstations mantra is….everything.

  • Cornelys

    Why sorry? they are facts blind fanboy.

  • darktuna

    Sounds like a big forza fanboy rant to me. Its a “realistic” driving game. What do you expect? Rocket propelled cars in the shape of a squid?

  • Karooo

    post it on n4g quick, lots of hits. nowgamer is a shitty site

  • sdfsg

    Who writes this so called “blog”? A 14 years old fanboy? Definitely.

    This article (like the old one about GT5) is pure bullshit.

  • iso

    I like how you leave Forza 3 out which does even less new. The nice thing about GT5 is that it takes everything from previous racing sims and puts them together into one game and more importantly improves on them in every way.

  • stjimmy

    what a load of crap. gt5 will be the definitive racer of the next 3 years…

  • Sid

    What a load of crap, is this blog meant to be taken seriously?

  • PS3GG

    Really? Nothing new? How about realistic physics – something that is generally lacking in ALL the games you mentioned. The games you referred to are all great arcady-style games, but GT5 is a simulator. Sure it may not have fully realistic damage, but there is only so much you can put into a game based on the consoles abilities. Even the creator of GT5 said the powerful PS3 is still not powerful enough for everything he wanted to do.

    Also, because you write for an xbox site doesn’t mean you have to act like MS and diss the competition at every chance you get. You are the kind of person that give xbox fanboys (xbots?) a bad name.

  • Jake

    OMG!!! you are such a young immature fanboy… yes maybe some things have been done before, yet why is this a bad thing, why is a swiss knife so good, its because it combines a lot of good thibgs in one package, same here, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, to have a great game!!

  • XBLAboy

    WOW !!! I think you just convinced me to get a PS3 for Gran Turismo 5. Basically you had to list features from like 10 different racing games to equate to the features in one package (GT5). Very impressive. Thanks for all the info, sounds like the most impressive racing game of all time. A sson as I get paid Friday, I’m going to buy a PS3 and pre-order GT5. Cheers.

  • TalllPaul

    You may be right, but GT5 does it all in the one game ;)

  • RacingFreak

    its a racing sim.. Innovation is not something your looking for in a RACING SIM!!!!! You named what?, 4 games just to say what has been done b4… Now tell me a game that had Nascar, World Rally Champinship, Kart racing, 70+ tracks, 1000+ plus cars, 16ppl online all on one disk!!! Thats not even talking about the best looking weather effects and cars ever made in a VIDEO game

  • Nathan Six


    for writing this, it takes balls to write the truth because no one wants to hear it.

    I though I was in the twilight zone when I first started reading articles raving the fact that GT5 would have, wait for it… “high, beam, lights”

    Not to mention all the site reporting the fact that GT5 had damage as if it was the very first racer to incorporate such cutting edge technology into the genre.

    Great write up, some real innovation would be nice to see, especially from the supposed king of sims.

  • Lillee

    OK wise guy, so give me a title where all of these features appear in the one game

  • Lattocky

    Yeah sdfsg it does sound like a 14 year old boy

  • LOL

    what a stupid article
    you mad you cant play GT5 on your 360?

  • this is bullshit

    no comment

  • the_emh

    “in a genre containing Blur, Split/Second: Velocity and even Need For Speed: Most Wanted.”

    GENRE RECOGNITION FAIL!!!! all of those are crummy arcade racers. if you are going to whine about a lack of new features then

    1. STFU and wait till you play it.

    2 compare it to something that is actually in the same genre, like GTR2. im sick and tired of racing n00bs bashing on GT5 and complaining that “damage isnt as good as NFS” etc, its a racing sim, its about accurately representing racing, its not for crashing like a nub.

    3. if you dont play GT5 with a G25 or G27 or similar wheel YOU HAVENT PLAYED IT AT ALL!!!!!

  • This shit Fails

    This dude fails. Is that all you got?? I think you don’t have a PS3.

  • Jeffrey

    Oh my God,

    Answer to you questions, because finally, all those nice features are put together in one fantastic game, I’ve ditched my second xbox 360, yes, 2 rrods did piss me off, I’ve payd the amount of an extra console to be able to play online, and all the racing games you mention were gathering dust after a few weeks, yes, that’s how bad they are.
    I bought a Playstation 3 and come to the conclusion that I should have done that 3 years ago, yes, back then it’s price doubled the XBox’s but I could have had two PS’s for the amount of money Xbox gaming cost has cons me at this moment.
    I also purchased GT5Prologue, three words: best physics ever, that’s correct I’ve never experienced better physics than in that game!
    Uncharted 2 made me forget about halo and all the so called aaa shooters ever played on the xbox.

    Sorry to rant, but than again, you started it. Its clear to me you never ever played any GT game.

    Oh, I shouldn’t forget: next wednesday I get my pre ordered copy of Gran Turismo 5 Collectors edition. the ONLY race game that’s worth the money!

  • Jeffrey

    Oh, and talk about, allready done before:
    The Kinect, now you can play looking like a fool, just like with the Wii, and, oh, there was a company that made a system doing just that, but how would you know, it was back in 2004!!!!!!!!
    All the games for the “new” Kinect are direct rip offs from all the good selling Wii titles. There will be NO (that’s zero) hardcore games for it.

    But then again, fanboys like you will fall for M$’s hype and go and buy a so called controller for family and party games which can be played by 2 players.
    ROFLMAO, come on a party game controller which can track the momevements of 2 players, I hope families will have only 2 kids in the future. LOL

  • hilde86

    I’m so sorry for you, that’s just a dump Xbox360 fanboy comment. Tell what you want but GT5 will be the best game by miles. No game out there combines every aspect that GT5 will offer!

    (And yes, I played every Forza game for hundreds of hours)

  • bomby

    way to unleash a fanboy frenzy dave….

  • Moozo

    Well that was fun

  • The Realist

    Oh dear, Mr Shaw.

    It looks as though your grand plan to slate GT5 and appease Xbox 360 owners has fallen flat on your face. It is actually quite amusing to see how 360 owners have reacted to your report… or drivel. Whichever you want to call it.

    I think the vast majority of 360 owners here who have commented have shown it is perhaps time for you to leave the gaming industry. If you cannot appreciate a game, but instead look for ways only to deride it… then you really are in the wrong industry.

    This was an amatuer attempt to slate another persons piece of work, and you seriously need to re-assess your position as a journalist in gaming. This sort of tripe is not what we want, we expect this crap to be left to the 12 year olds you were hoping to agree with you.

  • F41


    That is all.

  • future

    Well this guy bring’s shame on the gamers of the xbox 360, but the gentle man gamers who posted redeemed there console from the grip of the fanboy’s like this guy, and the kiddie fanboys, because of people like this, the overall gaming community is split and it get’s away with producing half ar*ed game’s black op’s and people get ripped off, maybe the tide will change back in favoure of the real gamers not the fanboy’s as it is now.